I was just posting on my other social media site about ironies. Quoting from myself:

As a teenager I had a short but curious list of ironies I collected.

The first was a postcard from my grandparents’ church thanking me for attending their service “last Sinday”. I regret I eventually lost that card.

My favorite was an on-air editorial from a local student-run public radio station. The young woman was lamenting the grief her fellow broadcasters were receiving from the community about pronunciation.

Either deliberately or regrettably, she consistently mispronounced “mispronunciation” by using /ow/ instead of /uh/ for the third syllable.

I miss WAJC. Great eclectic music selection, but Butler University sold it about 25 years ago to fund a TV studio instead.


Immediately after sending that I fired up Craigslist. This is regrettably not quite irony, I don’t believe, but it’s closer than most of Alanis Morissette’s examples.

Illustration for article titled Curious coincidences

Or maybe it’s a post-modern indictment of the Craigslist culture, abstract art designed to allow the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

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