Doug describes how the WRX STi and Lancer Evo were like a sort of second coming of Japanese performance cars, since they didn’t hit America at all until around 2002. He mentions how most of the Japanese sports cars died around ‘96, so there was a nice lull before these cars came in.


It’s curious how this only applies to America. These weren’t a second coming at all, they were just leftovers from the 90s that lived on. The STi and Evo weren’t new at all in 2003, they were in their third or so generation. In fact, in Japan most of the cars that died in the 90s lived on to at least 2000 - The 300ZX was built until 2001, the RX-7 until 2002, the Supra also until 2002.

Of course, Doug is aware of this and carefully explains that it only applies to America. It’s just interesting how this whole stigma around these cars is localised to one market, manufactured by a complex situation of supply and demand.

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