So, there I was, in Canada, looking out my hotel window at the rental car places below, contemplating reserving a car... I kept searching and searching, but it was reserved and they weren’t going to let me have it (bastards!), so I ended up renting from the place next door.

However, as I was checking out the cheapest car in Canada, which I wanted to drive so badly (I love driving weird cars we don’t get in the US), I noticed something really weird about it that I had never noticed in all the other pictures I had seen...

See that up there? What is that aboot? These two weird curves making a sort of boomerang shape on the roof of the car. Is it just a design detail? Is it there for aerodynamic reasons? What is going on here?!

Still want to drive one. Ended up with a Soul. Still love the Soul.

Do you have any other curious sheetmetal bits to talk about?