After the X4 announcement this morning, let's take stock of where we are, and see where there are (imaginary) segments that BMW is missing out on.

Currently we have:

1, 3, 3GT, 4, 5, 5GT, 6, 6GC, 7, X1, X3, X4, X5, X6, Z4.

Any models that I missed?

Clearly for 2015 model year we will see the 1 series branch off with the 1 coupe staying regular 1 series, 1 hatch becoming the 2, and Active Tourer concept becoming 1 GT. Then they will bring back an 8 series, (which I would definitely welcome, because V12) and a dedicated limo as the 9 series.

THEN since we still don't have an X2, we'll see a coupe version of the X4 becoming that, and an X7 along the lines of the MB GL. And maybe a 4 door version of the Z4 called the Z4 Gran Coupe.

Again, any that I missed?

Oh, and of course sub-M diesel versions of everything. And a few Ms for good measure.