Got the car back a few weeks ago from bodywork guy. My attempts at repairing the floor a few years ago did indeed not hold up.

Back in November or so, I was out driving around and had gone for a hike. When walking back to the car I noticed something looked like it was hanging down. As I got closer and closer my stomach sank. It was the left rear driver seat chair leg pushing through the floor. I was not particularly close to home, so that was a nerve-racking drive back.


Luckily, I know a bodywork guy. But he wasn’t going to have time to do it until January. That turned into March, but finally got it over and he had it done within a week.

Can’t locate a before picture, but all that was flaking sheet metal and a gaping hole.

There is still a ton of body work that needs attending, but at least I won’t fall out of the car. I consider that a plus.


Next project is figuring out the non-functioning horn and reverse lights that stopped working during the time it sat. Fuses are good so I’m leaning towards neutral safety switch and horn switch. I’ll test the horns and switch, but the neutral switch is easy enough to replace and I need to do shifter linkage bushings anyway.

It’s effectively a beater at this point. The inside carpet is a mess, it’s got a decent amount of rust, someone hit the back bumper in the last year, so that is kinda cockeyed(I bent the front one sliding into an ice mound), it leaks oil, shifts weird and is slow as shit. I love it!


Bonus Gus!

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