I have no picture to post for this post Oppo. But that is for one reason and on reason only, my father would not turn the car around. Saturday morning we made the trek to Indianapolis to attend my sister’s wedding, owing to me not trusting my car to drive that far I rode with my parents. During this drive we pass many places with interesting cars that may or may not be for sale but there is a white one that massively stands out from the rest. This one, this one is a Bradley GT. In case you do not know what these are pop on over to google or Wikipedia and read up and do an image search. Well this Bradley GT was for sale. It was far into the beater status verging on not worth saving. Remember, this is just a drive by glance caught from the highway. But there was something intriguing about this one, it had a price written in window chalk on it: $1600. Yet the car did not turn around, dad lost his gear head status years ago.