Since replacing my '99 Grand Cherokee with an '05 Grand Cherokee (and gaining a Hemi, Quadra-Drive, and much more refinement in the process) I am very happy except for one little gripe: trying to play music through my phone in this thing.

My '99 had a tape deck, which allowed me to use a very high tech tape deck adapter to plug in my phone and listen to some sweet tuneage. My '05 on the other hand, has no tape deck, and no aux jack. It does have bluetooth for hands-free phone calls, but not audio streaming.

Now, I could replace the factory stereo for an aftermarket one with relatively little fuss. But the factory stereo has a weird shaped opening, like this:

There is a dash kit to put a single-DIN stereo in this opening, but the end result looks like this:



So instead of replacing the stereo, I've been using my Amazon Prime membership to buy FM transmitters, discover they suck, and then return them.


First I got an Mpow Streambot Oval which died when I twisted the power plug in the lighter outlet.

I then got a VicTsing [Upgraded] Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter which works ok. I haven't quite gotten a static-free station, but 93.5 is working ok for now. When it turns on a lady with a Chinese accent says "the bluetooth is ready for pairing," and then "the bluetooth is successfully connected," when the phone connects to it. Also, the volume from this FM transmitter is really quiet compared to regular radio stations. When I turn the car off, it cuts power to the lighter outlet, which turns off the FM transmitter, but the radio stays on. So I get really loud static from the not-a-station frequency I have the radio tuned to. Usually I remember to turn down the volume before turning off the car, but not every time.


Now I've ordered a GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Mini which is more expensive but has many more positive reviews.


I'm hoping this last one works out alright. I don't care about super high sound quality, I just want to not have static in the background.

If I can't find an FM transmitter that works reasonably well, my next option is this aux input adapter for the factory head unit. It seems like it'd work fine, but it's $100 and I'd rather not spend that much plus have to take apart the dash to wire it up.

EDIT: 'Wägen pointed out the aux adapter is more like $60 from Amazon. Plus the cost of an RCA-to-3.5mm cable.


I just want to listen to my tunes, man.