Knowing Oppo you'll all already be thinking "Why? Why customize a CR-V? It's a crossover... and so beige... total waste of effort."

Well, it's all the car I'm going to get, at least according to my mother. This is her old car, and she'll be getting another CR-V, just newer. Can't see why, honestly.

I've ended up with Aston Martin Volcano Red paint, Brembo discs front and back to replace the old car's factory discs and drums, additional chrome details to set off the two-tone paintjob, and BBS RK wheels. Subtler mods include a largely "pillarless" look- easily the least expensive to pull off, all I'll need is a couple thousand cans of Plasti-Dip.


Here's an alternate paint color- something much more understated and- critically- resalable. The pillarless look is really obvious with silver paint for some reason...

I'd probably put a custom exhaust on it (I'm keeping the original jewel of a VTEC sound, just adding in a bit more low end and making it a bit louder), and definitely drop it. Perhaps even chop it.


Just to be clear: I haven't done any of these things to the car yet. It's still her DD, and having it trussed up at the bodyshop would mean I'd miss all my classes and she'd miss... I dunno... important mom stuff.