My head always gets aflutter with new car customizations and odd swaps. Today one occurred to me that hasn't really been fully executed. It would be a full Gen 2 LX conversion on a Dodge Magnum, so the front clip from a 2012 Charger, a German company has done this... but I feel they kind of half-assed it, look at the gap between the front fender and the door... ewwww, door skins from the Charger as well (not sure how you'd make them fit, or if you'd have to go custom), a few body lines and the exterior is good. Interior would need the full upgrade too, rip it all out and start fresh, customizing as needed but staying in line with the Gen 2 design language. Would it be expensive? Hell yes it would. Is it possible? Anything is possible with enough money. Will I do it? I sold my heavily modified Magnum last year... I do have an itch to scratch now.