A big thank you to gmporschenut for putting my dimensions and concept into .stl format so as to be 3D printable. I really appreciate it man. If you’re ever in western North Carolina I will owe you a beer. For the life of me I could not figure it out on my own.

They are better looking than the stock arm rest in my opinion, but I’m sure others will disagree. I don’t care though. It solved a problem and is 100% reversible if wanted. Looks better in person btw. Very light abs plastic. Just had to measure/drill holes. One more project complete!

If anyone is interested in these one their car let me know. 3D printing is pretty awesome. Though the finished product was not without its imperfections, I am happy with the results. Under $50 for the two shipped to my door.

How’s oppo? I have been busy af.