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Because the sun in an ever present oppressive orb of oppression in the sky in Southern NM, sun shades are important and I’ve found good, custom fit to be worth the money. I ordered a custom cut set from Covercraft for the Pajero and the Jag. I even got one with a light green color to the reflective side for the Pajero.


I placed this order a little over a month ago right before things started shutting down in the Southwest, so I wasn’t surprised when I got emails about how they’d be made when the pandemic was over and that the company busy retooling and making PPE gowns and whatnot in the interim. That sounded fine, so I told them to keep the order on the books and bill my card whenever things went back to normal someday. I survived fine enough with a cheapo, generic folding shade.

I was a bit surprised to see them sitting by the front door when I went home for lunch with the doggos. On some level I’m glad they’re here and whatnot, but I have questions. Unless the pandemic is over in AZ where they’re based, I feel pretty confident that making custom sun shades and floor mats isn’t an essential endeavor. I think I’d rather them make PPE, or have had folks stay at home. I didn’t need nice sun shades that badly...

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