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Cute Pet contest. Can I get a few votes?

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Hey guys,

I know, you're not my personal army, etc, but my wife entered our dog cooper into the local cutest pet contest, and the prize is a $200 gift card to petco and that would be very nice to have.

If you feel like it head here

and click the green vote bar that appears when you hover over the photo. He is top dead center and the photo is titled "ham bone". heres the pic.


Also, I should let you know how he got his name. He was given to us by one of my wifes co workers as an 8 week old puppy, on the way home, I saw an original mini cooper, proposed the name to my wife and step daughter, and they were on board! While he may be rwd, he is small and agile, and it fits him nicely.

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