Cuttin' 'n grindin'

Major progress on removing the rust from the passenger side of the Rover tonight. Seriously, to anyone considering it, do not buy a car from Wisconsin.

I was getting hung up on not being able to get the front fender off. There are two philips head screws next to the door hinges that would not budge. I finally broke down and bought a 12" drill bit extension. Came off in two seconds with a #3 tip. Just proves, its always worth it to use the right tool for the job. Saves so much time after trying to do it the wrong way and stripping the screws.

Sorry, I tried, I can’t get the picture to rotate

The passenger footwell isn’t nearly as bad as the driver’s side. Still, it needed some cutting to stay ahead of the rust. Luckily it stopped just short of the bulkhead on the right side, so welding a new pan shouldn’t be terrible.

Same with this one, sorry. This is the underside of the footwell, from inside the wheel well (turn you head to the left).

I found some holes in the wheel well, thankfully just on the seam between the floor and the bulkhead on the side, as well as in the battery box on the other side of the wheel well.

Turn your head to the left again. Looking from the side

Overall, not an insurmountable project. Just a little more grinding and I can start welding in some new metal and get the passenger side done.


Sorry for the dark pictures. The garage I’m renting is getting some electrical work and plumbing done. The guy who owns it thinks he’s putting an apartment above the garage. I can tell you I wouldn’t sleep inside this building for any amount of money, let alone pay rent. This garage has to be over 100 years old and looks like its never been cleaned. My motivation for getting this job done, is to not have to work in this place.

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