Cutting the Grass

So I bought a thing. Yay!

A coworker bought a newer mower and was getting rid of this one for cheap. He even delivered it. What a guy. I had been using a nice Honda Self-propelled mower but it was taking upwards of 3 hours to cut the grass (bagging/picking up dog poop). This should shorten it substantially.


So naturally I just had to cut the grass today. Swapped the grass chute for the mulcher plug and went to town. Definitely need to swap the blades out for mulching ones but it did pretty good. Needs the wheels adjusted, blades balanced, steering figured out (its very loose), tires etc but it works pretty well.

I have never had a riding lawn mower before, never drove one or even been around one. Turns out cutting grass with one is significantly different that with a push mower. There is a blade on/off switch, speed control and steering wheel to contend with. Its also larger and you cant just push down on the handle to turn. My lawn cutting technique needs some work. Below is a poorly drawn diagram of my track.

There is an ac unit in the upper left that still has a lot of uncut grass around it and I drove on the new neighbors yard (who showed up just in time to watch my shenanigans) to cut the upper right.

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