CVV's Daily Dose of Dub - ADVERTISING

The Touareg has some pretty clever paper ads. I have no idea what shop any of these came out of as it varies by region and year. Hell, some of these might not even be real, and at least one I found definitely is not. But they're still entertaining.

Whether or not the ads I've selected for this week are legit, they certainly adhere to the original "Think Small" campaign that DDB did for VW in the 60s: simple, smart and somewhat offbeat. Those first ads were partially the product of a small advertising budget from Wolfsburg, but the way DDB did them ended up influencing many of the ways ads are done today. The ads utilized ample white space, placed the copy at the bottom of the page, a discrete logo, and unique at the time B&W photographs, rather than embellished illustrations used by most other manufacturers in their print ads. Rarely did the ads even use slogans.


The "Lemon" ad even showed up on Mad Men a few seasons ago, as it really did change the way people created advertisements, and not just for cars.

DDB no longer has the US VW account (went to Deutsch in 2009) but held on to it for 40 years and still does most of their global work. But that original campaign is now a part of VW's brand identity, and has been replicated a million times for any number of other brands.

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