CVV's Daily Dose of Dub - TRUCK WEEK

By request, it's TRUCK WEEK here at DDoD headquarters.


But, NOT SO FAST! I have 3 self-imposed rules:

  • No Amaroks
  • No Constellations
  • No Concept Vehicles

Why? Because that would make it too easy. Everybody wants an Amarok, and everybody's seen a Constellation in racing spec. Nothing wrong with either thing, but you can't google "VW truck" without having 500 TB of those images come flooding out of your monitor. We can do better.

So, we'll kick the week off with the VW Worker, pictured above in 15.210 4x4 Military guise. That particular model was developed in cooperation with the Brazilian Army and is used for general transport, including AA weaponry. The UN also uses them:


In commercial spec, the Worker is the Constellation's smaller brother, and like the big guy has a huge range of diesel engines. One example, the Worker 18.310 Titan Tractor Euro II, carries an 8.3L Cummins I6 turbodiesel and a ZF 16-speed gearbox. There's a mind-boggling array of trailer configurations for this model:


The Worker sees commercial duty in South America and is part of the VW Trucks and Busses lineup. And in case you were wondering what the numerical designations in the names are for, the first number is the GVW and the second is the horsepower rating. I believe this is carried out across all Truck & Bus vehicles since they use the same system in all of them.

And, like the Constellation, The Worker will pop up in Brazil's Fórmula Truck series as well:

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