What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

So, here we are, total loss. Now time to talk settlement. I received a call from the “settlement specialist” (the adjusters don’t handle it) who, after some discussion about the vehicle, offered me $21,000 CAD for it.

How I will remember it. Clayed, waxed, detailed and stunning.
How I will remember it. Clayed, waxed, detailed and stunning.

That...wasn’t going to fly for a ‘16 GT in the best colour with 45,000km in such good condition. I declined the offer and said that I would email her my counter. Yes, I did recycle some of my prose from previous emails. It’s good for the environment, plus you can re-deploy old stuff to new people.

(So the “OBO” thing is essentially an amount they discount off your settlement for what they perceive would have been any negotiated discounts on the similar vehicles they are looking at to build their offer. It’s total bullshit for the most part.) You know, or best offer.

Hi (Settlement Specialist),

Thanks for your call and your subsequent email regarding adjusting the value based on my previous spreadsheet (reattached).

It should be noted that small crossovers are in extremely high demand right now, I won’t accept any automatic deductions based on “OBO”. List price is often sale price. If this was a sedan/hatch/wagon or an older vehicle, I would be open to OBO deductions.

Also, I would request that our allowance of 3 remaining days be saved for use next week as we look to replace our vehicle. We are out of the country this weekend and are not able to. I trust this is a reasonable request.

Our CX-3 also had front/rear mud guards, body side moldings, door visors and a rear areo lip which all the others do not have. Canadian labour/RC pricing attached for those addons. To re-confirm, these addons are exclusive of any package/trim level/options. They are visual in nature and be clearly seen in the photos of the car compared to photos of other cars.

The tires are also new as of the end of 2017. Based on how little the vehicle drives, these tires would have several years of life left in them.

As an adjuster, I wouldn’t expect or ask for anything that I wouldn’t offer to an insured or a third party as fair settlement on a total loss. As car enthusiast, driving enthusiast and detailing enthusiast I take exceedingly good care of all four of my vehicles (photo link), maintaining the interior/exterior cleanliness at all times as well as caring for the physical health of the interior/exterior materials. All four vehicles are in perfect condition despite one being 34 years old and another having 120,000km.

Based on re-evaluation of the current mileage of the vehicle, I would look for $24,500 plus taxes/extras as a fair ACV for both ICBC and myself. I don’t care to go back and forth on claims I handle and expect the same from my insurers when a fair offer is put forward.

In addition to the ACV settlement, we incurred expenses reprinting the registration, hiring a Notary for the proof of loss and incurred some loss of use expense before an adjuster was involved due to the theft taking place on a Saturday morning. I’ve attached receipts for the LOU, notary and ICBC doc fees totaling $182.43.

Can you also advise on how my Autoplan cancellation will be backdated to August 10, 2019 (the DOL) with the cancellation fee waived or reimbursed? It will be a month since the theft next week and we’ve been paying for coverage on a vehicle we have not had custody of. 8.3% of a year isn’t a small amount of time to have totally underutilized insurance.

I look forward to working with ICBC towards a fair and equitable settlement. If my $24,500.00 plus PST/GST offer is acceptable, can you confirm how soon I would see that cheque as well as the others requested above?


It took a day and involvement of a manger, but we did settle. The total amount is: $24,537.52 + PST $1,717.63 + GST $1,226.88 (no ded) = $27,482.02. On top of this, I will have my coverage cancellation back dated by a month, and reimbursement of some other costs. So, call it $28K (CAD) all in for this whole debacle. The car was paid off, so the cheque will be fully made out to my wife and I.

I’m pleased with the fair result, but this is way to much work for your average person to get a fair amount from their insurer.


Also, it should be noted that I paid $23,500 two years ago next week for the car, but you can’t penalize someone for getting a good deal. Market value is market value.

The Sportwagen is already agreed at $22,500+tax so it should leave $2K to spruce up the wagon.


I hope you all enjoyed the ride. It was stressful. 0/10, would not recommend getting your car stolen.

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