I heard from an unofficial ICBC source (my insurer) that the CX-3 is a total. While I am elated, part of me is skeptical until I hold that tasty cheque in my hands.

Update II: Right after posting, yep. It’s gone.

Thank God.

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As for my email that rather long email I sent? I basically got a non-reply.

“Good Morning (COFL),

I have sent off your email to my estimating team as they will be the one’s to review the material damage that you have sent over.


Once my estimating team, and the estimator you met with have reviewed everything, the estimator will be in contact to further discuss.


To which I replied:

“Thanks (Adjuster),

One more thing, I was concerned that the “biohazard team” missed what appears to be a not insignificant quantity of blood spatter on the passenger seat, passenger door, passenger carpet and passenger trim. That seat will need to be fully replaced as the material (perforated leather and suede) cannot be cleaned enough to mitigate the risk of Hepatitis B or C and HIV.



Look forward to hearing from the estimator.”

Beyond that, I called and left a voicemail for my adjuster today asking for the Manager of the theft unit to call as, due to where things stood at the time, it was nearly a month since the theft, our rental coverage is totally out and we still have no idea what they were planning on doing with car. Which, I implied, could be considered bad faith.


I then almost immediatly received a call from another ICBC office (they have local claims centres) who told me to pick up the items from the car that were not stolen. She’s the one who confirmed with me that it is a total loss.

So now what’s the plan? Negotiate with them. Settle, buy that Sportwagen. The games have just begun now that it is time to talk money.

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