CX-5 Liftgate Problem

Yesterday, my wife’s younger brother tried to shut the lift gate of our CX-5 and it wouldn’t latch. I looked, and nothing was in its way. Upon further investigation, I have found the culprit.

When the button to unlatch the liftgate is pressed, the little latch moves back and forth via an electric motor. It appears as though that motor is wearing out, since the latch moves 3/4 of the way down, pauses, and then finishes its travel very slowly.


Now, the tailgate unlatches with a loud thud and much more of a jerk than it used to, and you have to absolutely slam it for the car to register that it’s closed. The latch pausing 3/4 or the way down is causing this, I assume. I figure it is getting slightly in a bind and sort of in between latched and unlatched.

I have researched this issue and haven’t found anyone else with the problem online. So, it looks like it’s a fluke.

The latch motor is a $95.00 part and our warranty has a $100.00 deductible. There’s a recall on the struts that hold up the liftgate, so I guess I’ll have the dealer fix this while they are fixing that.

The car is exactly four-years-old this month (built October 2012), so this will be our birhday present to it.


Admittedly, we do actually use our crossover to haul stuff quite a bit, so the liftgate gets used a lot more than the scores of others that really needed a car but insisted on an SUV. In fact, I discovered this problem yesterday when we were hauling home a changing table/dresser for the baby’s bedroom.

Oh, and I tried putting a little WD-40 on that latch that moves back and forth. Made no difference. :/


At least we made it 4 years before having any trouble at all. The only other time the CX-5 has required something other than an oil change and tire rotation was earlier this summer when we had to have a TCM update performed at the dealer.

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