CX-9 Test Drive Update.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t go well. Our days as a Mazda household will end in six-ish months. Le sigh.

This is the one we drove:

I adored it. Plenty of power. Smooth drive. Comfy seats. Lots of electronic gizmos (head-up display, 360° camera, heated/cooled seats, etc.). Gorgeous design (in my opinion).


My wife...didn’t like it. She said it felt “cramped.” And it was “not enough of an upgrade over our CX-5.” She said the center console was too big, infringing on leg space, and the thick A-pillars made large blind spots. Her verdict was that it felt “too much like a car.” Which is probably why I liked it so much. :-( I love my 6 and the way it drives and this felt like a 3-row 6. 

It didn’t help that this dealer has 8 Mazdas in stock (literally) and their salesmen know NOTHING about them. This one was even out of gas when we tried to test drive it. It literally said “Range: 0 miles.” We had to stop at a gas station just to be able to test drive it on the highway. It’s obvious that this dealer only wants people driving Fords.


At the end of the test drive, my wife said “Does Honda or Toyota make a three-row SUV?”

Oh well. Life goes on. I was hoping we could extend the Mazda tradition, but it’s her car and I want her to be happy.


Have a sad Mazda for your time.

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