CX500 update

Got a ton done today on the bike, it should be pretty close to being ready to go back together. I had two sets of hand controls for this bike. One set was on when it was stolen and is totally trashed. Here, on the left side ones, the control side was fine but the side with the plugs was super molested. My new set had good plugs and wires but the controls themselves were trashed. Cut the whole harness in half and re-soldered the whole lot. It was amazingly cathartic.


On the other side the only issue was the killswitch was seized, so I grabbed the killswitch off my old set and tossed it on but it had... this for wires.

Stuck some heatshrink on there to act as insulation and soldered them into the harness. Works great.


I also chopped down my amazon/ebay cheap Cafe seat that was far too wide and not the aesthetic I’m going for then covered it with some cheap vinyl and integrated it with my new tail section. Comfy as hell, doesn’t look great because the vinyl isn’t stretchy AT ALL so I’ll have to fix that sometime in the future but for now... it works.


Tomorrow i go throw all this at the bike! Hopefully I get a startup out of it, if I’m super lucky I’ll be able to ride it around the block a bit. The only other thing it really will need to be ridable is tires.

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