Cybertruck Conspiracy Theory

Excuse me as I don my tin foil hat, but for me, its easier to assume that Tesla’s Cybertruck unveiling is a publicity stunt than to believe that this thing is actually going to go on sale. Not only do I believe its a way for Elon to announce the new materials his company has engineered like “transparent metal” and “stainless steel”, but to engage in a cross promotional PR stunt with video game developer CD ProjectRed to drum up excitement for its upcoming big budget title Cyberpunk2077 while also promoting tesla as a brand much the way Lexus did in the 2002 movie Minority Report or Audi did with 04's IRobot.


The most obvious thing to point at is similarity in the name of both products or even the font they seem to share, but the most compelling observation fueling this conspiracy theory is that the Cybertruck fits in perfectly with the world that CD ProjectRed is trying to simulate. Everything from its bladrunner-esque aesthetics to its bulletproof and smash resistant construction could be rendered right into the game as a piece of tesla brand advertising to win the hearts and minds of gamers. Subversively, this would also be Tesla signaling that they are strong enough as a brand to be around deep into the 2070’s. This would account for all of the popostorousness of the damn thing, and hell, if they can get Keanu Reeves, why couldn’t they get Tesla?

I expect the Cybertruck will have come and gone before the game releases sometime in 2020.

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