If Tesla built the Flex, it would be a monsterous hit. A polarizing company can only make a polarizing design sell. With 200,000+ orders so far for Cybertruck, that’s about 2/3 of the Flex’s total US sales and they haven’t started production. Some will mention Cadillacs folded paper designs but to be honest, they have SOME history of shaking things up once every forty years.

Giant tailfins. Folded creased metal edges. (We have to wait twenty more years for their next event.) But overall they never cracked the polarizing “acceptance of something different” success. Looking further, the largest US seller of trucks said nobody’s gonna buy Cybertruck because of that design. That’s where we bet against what the old people, who judge by first sight, say about new things.


We forget a huge element of sales. People who don’t buy Ram and Ford and Chevy will buy this. People who buy Tacoma’s are finding their segment suddenly competed with by those brands and the Taco needs more reasons to justify itself. If buyers don’t wheel in the mountains too deeply, they could very well step up to interface with Cybertruck. Cybertruck just created the new segment like ‘alternative’ music made its own genre at the mall record stores. It’s still ‘rock’ but right now, it’s wholly different.

Tesla is mainly bought to be different. A sideline pseudo-hipster purchase, if you will. Plus, sometimes the performance and capability are just good enough or better than to warrant more consideration like how the S can road trip across country and fill up in 20 minutes, only twice the time of a regular stop for gas and a snack. E cars are suddenly for real and a threat.

Cybertruck looks odd, but those angles and creases are exactly what it needed. They will never break into a market saturated with bro-enhanced mid-sized and full-sized trucks with similar design cues. So Cybertruck made its own niche, which the Ridgeline, what 98% of petrol users really should be buying, is failing at doing. It’s not even including a single bro-cue or attention getting style point in design. It’s appeal is to a shrinking segment who soon retires without savings.

As the Ridgeline can’t sell, is designed too safe, and the safe people that buy it are older or way too self conservative, we find everyone in this world under 45 is juiced to the Moon to put anything on social media to gain approval for what they do. Nobody will ‘like’ your ridgeline world, and that segment isn’t concerned with retirement investing, just buying cool things for online cool points. Cybertruck is here to fulfill their quest for globally accepted cool points. Should those things matter at all in the end is anyone’s guess.


So, the Flex. It’s dead this year. I’m betting on Tesla waiting for it to go before making some sort of electric Roadmaster of the future. And suddenly full-sized family wagons will be Elon Christ’s greatest invention and will sell a million of them. Cybertrucks new suit is cool only because it’s Tesla. Just like Yeezy Boost shoes are only cool to kids because they’re Kanye infused.

Nobody else could pull this off but Tesla. Cybertruck is the real deal. Cybertruck is gonna eat half of Detroit for dinner. Cybertruck don’t give a shit.

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