Help, don’t understand. 370z hydrogen hybrid?

Unique exemplar of Oxyhydrogen retrofit system installed on a 2009 Nissan 370 Z.
New record set on 16th September 2013 for mileage increase and emission reduction enabled by a retrofit system based on Oxyhydrogen gas injected in the internal combustion chambers of a 2009 Nissan 370 Z. The full original time lapse video of the record set on 16th September 2013 is available at . Hydromoving inc. CEO is available to knowledge transfer session with the new owner.
This unique exemplar is in excellent conditions and has been maintained and operated since August 2013 by hydromoving inc. personnel.
This is a unique exemplar and living proof of well-known concepts of the benefits of adding Oxyhydrogen in combustion chambers.
hydromoving inc. EST 2013 CONFIRM that the prototype is NOT BASED ON RAIN WATER but a unique mix of DISTILLED WATER and KOH.
Multiple parts including material and instructions for the electrolyte solution will be provided at sale completed.
The system is able to feed multiple electrolytic cells while continuously produce Oxyhydrogen gas through electrolysis.
There is no stock of any gas other than the standard gasoline tank making the system safe to drive and not dangerous in case of accident.
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