So to start off it would be expensive, complex, and have a plethora of issues but D-wheels. If you don't already understand my technical babble: its a wheel that when in contact with the ground it looks like a D (no not a dick) on its side. It looks like this:

Concepty right? Well i first saw this wheel when FLAKE came around. The designer originally made it for styling purposes, but latter expanded on the idea. It creates a larger contact patch and the springy bits holding the tire pads are like a second suspension system.

Things i would change are the pads, the spring design, and the space inside the wheel. Starting with the pads...make them strips. If the wheel has a large contact patch it doesn't need to have that grip loss on hopes and wishes. The spring design doesn't need much changed but it does need to actually collapse able. Yes it's a render, but as it stands now there wouldn't be a place for springs and/or dampers. The space needs to be filled. There's nowhere for brakes unless you use a system where the brake is on the drive shaft or hooked up like this:


With this though the wheels are chain driven, and if a diff were to be used then complications follow. Anyway do you guys think its feasible or so complex there would be no point?