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Da-kar! Da-kar! Da-kar!

What’s up Oppo? I took about 2 weeks off of the Internet, and by that I mean, I only used it for essential emails and a few work functions, and streaming things over the holiday break. Soon I will be streaming sweet Dakar action, I can’t wait (Saturday)!

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Now it’s 2018 and we haven’t seen a temperature over 15F in about 12 days, it’s the coldest stretch of weather that I can remember in my 36 years, topped off by Saturday’s forecast for a below-zero HIGH, wtf.

BUT - I moved into a nice new office with two huge windows facing east toward town, across a river, and toward the mountain I like to bike up after work. I can see the main traffic circle, so there may be some carspotting if I’m quick. My wife is kicking ass in her new position (big promotion) at work, and the kids are healthy and happy. We’ve been skating at an indoor hockey rink because it’s warmer than outside by 30+ degrees and the kids have been making amazing progress.


Aside from having to replace a battery (it was a 2010) in my car, the cars are all running well for the moment, too.

How are y’all doing? Any southerners looking forward to some sweet snow-nuts in parking lots? My road has been coated with ice since Christmas Day, it’s been a blast (no, really I love it).


Tonight I’m coaching at a ski jumping competition, and I’m happy I got some sweet new mittens for Christmas. My hands will be toasty.

That is all. How about you?

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