I think it's is hilariously awesome when car control comes as second nature to me. Admittedly when I was a teenager and wrecked my first vehicle (2WD F-150 6-cylinder) I had zero car control, but then again I was pissed that the girl I was seeing then left the tickets for the Beale Street Music Festival on my kitchen counter 25 miles away.

Anyway, we had a bit of spring rain this morning for all of 3-4 minutes and that made the roads certifiably slick. I DD a 1995 Nissan 4x4 (con manual) factory named D21, but otherwise known as a Nissan Hardbody. The V.R.T. (very red truck) just crested over 240k miles this week, and while I am glad to have a reliable little truck, I am tired of driving this thing. It is loud, uncomfortable (suspension feels like a racecar, except without any of the grip) and extremely slow. But It has given me ample practice at driving a slow car fast with good balance and control.

So I am making my left hand turn at the signal onto the road my office building is on, and the back end steps out at least 40 degrees. I kept my foot in it and counter steered as though nothing was going on at all. Had I been one of the habitually non-attention paying Toyota Highlander-Honda Odyssey parent-mobile pilots that clog up the streets where I live:

1. the car would not have slid because wrong wheel drive


2. I would have caused a ridiculous scene or accident

TL;DR - Truck got slippy on the morning commute, I saved it without any ceremony and went on about my business, and I am tired of driving a 20 year old slow small pickup truck.

Have some cars that probably ought to not be sliding but whatevs. Also, I have my sight set on getting a Focus RS next spring, recommend some other similar cars that will be fast, fun, manual, AWD or RWD, have at least four full doors, and reliable/responsible. Set the budget at $60K maximum.