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KingTChalla’s post about the C class wagon, then CaptDale’s about his Allroad have got me back on the kid-friendly car search.

I’ve got 2 cars that are not safe, let alone manageable for a small child (2001 Ford Ranger, 1975 BMW 02), and a 3rd that is “safe enough” but it doesn’t live at home and isn’t a car that I’m likely to DD (E46 M3).

I’m in no rush but the cars I have considered so far are:

3 pedal VW Alltrack - Would buy new and in this green


Audi Allroad - Would buy new or slightly used, maybe even lease. Also green.

3 pedal BMW M2 - Would buy used, there’s one competitively priced and this color close by. Isn’t there an Oppo with one? If so do you have kids, and do those kids use a rear facing child seat?


Range Rover Sport - Would buy used with a warranty (2014-2016)


STi Limited- Would buy new or very slightly used.


I’m serious about all cars listed, but they are ordered from most likely to least likely of actually buying. I’ve driven the Range, Allroad, and STi and like them all.

What say Oppo? What do ya like out of these, or other cars for dadding purposes but also enjoying as a car?

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