My twin boys (8 years old) had firsts this weekend - first Pinewood Derby and first flag football game. Stick with me, this is amusing (if you are a dad, otherwise it is lame).

Pinewood Derby - their cars might have been the slowest ones. I put in as much work (or as little in this case) as they wanted. They still had fun, and maybe they will be more interested next year. [Theirs are the ones with washers stacked on top; the blue car dusted them.]


Next off to flag football. They were way more interested. We showed up late due to aforementioned Pinewood Derby, so we missed the first practice as well. Basically showed up at game time. [Also note it was 45 degrees with 15 mph winds, which for Houston is COLD.]

Forward to a few minutes into the game, and one of my boys intercepts and runs it back for a touchdown. I’m cheering, telling him good job, but I’m not the overly enthusiastic dad. As he was running it back I noticed that another father was videoing with his iphone.

So I go up, introduce myself, and ask if he can send me the video. Again, I’m excited, but with the cold all the parents are fairly subdued. He says yes, and I make polite small talk while he pulls it up.


I say “it was one of my boys that made the interception, he will be excited especially since it is his first game.”

I politely ask “which kid is yours?”


He responds “the one that threw the interception.”

Luckily he was cool about it, and I apologized.

That is me, Mr. Smooth Dad.

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