Brutally sad story about the girl in the dragster... Interested to hear opinions from other parents here concerning activities that can be dangerous for our kids. I’m thinking riding dirt bikes, skiing, karting, etc... Clearly swimming without close supervision and riding a bike can also be very dangerous and even deadly, but higher speeds do add an additional risk. My little guy banged himself up at the roller rink the other day - we don’t think it’s broken, but he’s got his arm in a splint for a few day (and he wasn’t even skating!). I want my kids to try new things, and I don’t want them to be scared of hurting themselves, but in my opinion, it’s a parent’s responsibility to fear and think for their kids and make appropriate decisions for them when they are younger. I mean, my 4 year old probably would jump off our roof if I let him!

We’re thinking about getting an off-road go-kart soon for our kids (older two are 11 & 9), but it will come with a roll-cage and helmets and much instruction on safe use and hard limits on what they are and aren’t allowed to do with it.

While we’re here, and on a lighter note, any suggestions on quality off-road go-karts? =)