For no reason at all, here are 3 pics of my dad that I got from my moms computer over Christmas

This is my go kart, it had a 5 hp engine, a 2 speed torque converter clutch and ATV tires. it was slow and bumpy but it was mine. Fun little buggy. A cousin of mine won it in a radio contest and I bought it from her for $200.
This picture still makes no sense to me at all. That’s a 2500 suburban on the broken arrow trail in Sedona and it features my grandma looking nonchalant. Its her TJ my uncle is standing behind. Not sure whats up with the dadbod worship.
There is so much right in this picture. Hilux, Honda big red 250 and what I think is a kawasaki bayou 220 (?) plus a mountain cabin glasses here and his brothers build themselves No helmets, maximum smiles.

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