“Should I trade it in?”
“NO!” - in a disgusted voice before I could even finish asking.
This was on the way home from the hockey game late Saturday night. It was way past the Finnlets bed time so he told me he’d take a nap. About a minute later he decided it was too obnoxious and loud to sleep in the car.

On the way home from the dealer
Photo: My photo

In closely related news the saga of the FoRS has come to a close and the replacement was picked up on Friday. I found the car at a dealer about nine hours away from me, but the “local” dealer was able to work out a transfer. Two hours is a more reasonable drive to pick up a car in the winter around these parts. After putting a couple hundred miles on it since picking it up Friday I can say I’m loving it. The 2019 STI is definitely an improved car relative to the 2007 I used to have, but they are undeniably the same car at the core.

Achievement Unlocked! Pastrana’ed
Photo: My photo

Now I just need to finish the break in miles and unlearn the RS clutch muscle memory. The STI is harder to feel exactly where the clutch starts to bite, especially from stopped. The hill start assist that the RS had was a little bit of a cheat too, and that got me a little bit lazy when it comes to launching from a stop.

It feels good to be back in the STI, and it’s amazing how familiar the car feels even though it’s twelve model years newer than my old one and I haven’t been in an STI in over a year. The WR Blue is an excellent color too, and it’s already received compliments from random people while out and about.

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