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Daddy Mobile - I’ve Got A 2017 Santa Fe Sport Until Tomorrow Night

Anything you guys and gals want to know about this vehicle? I’ve got it until tomorrow night. So far, here’s what I do and don’t like after a 100 mile trip.

Do Like

I do like the styling, this particular vehicle wears what I believe is called Lava Orange. While styling is certainly subjective, I find it to be rather decent.


Ride quality and noise is very good. There’s a little wind noise over 70 miles per hour, definitely not as isolated as the Durango RT I recently had and reviewed. However, the ride quality is definitely very good and body roll isn’t horrendous either.

Fuel economy so far has been rather good for an SUV, with mixed driving on I75 and county roads with a heavy foot I’ve averaged 27.


Don’t likes

Get this crazy shit, this vehicle has a diff lock (it’s AWD) drive mode selects, hill descent control, yet it DOES NOT have navigation. Very unacceptable.


The back up camera has approximately the same quality as a free flip phone camera.

The shape of the dash on the driver side catches my knee every time and it hurts like hell every single time....


Acceleration isn’t bad, but it’s nothing to write home about.

Steering isn’t bad in sport mode, but offers approximately as much feedback as your wife would after you stumble home drunk from a long night of sports gambling.


Will throw some pictures up tomorrow with a full review. Throw some questions my way so I can investigate and report back. My daughter and I will be taking a nice little daddy daughter trip in it for a nice dinner.

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