Kids can be a great source of laughs. Take, for example, this little episode from my 3-year-old last night.

*[son] on the toilet*


*gets down and lifts his insert off the seat*

*sees that he didn’t get any pee on the seat*

*is disappointed*

*puts insert back on the seat and climbs back on*

*tries to pee, can’t*

[Son]: Mom, can you fix my wee wee?

[Wife]: What’s wrong with it?

[Son]: It won’t go pee.

*[Son] semi stands, lifts insert partially, checks for pee on the seat, sees none*


*starts to sit back down with fingers still between insert and seat*

*[Wife] moves in quickly to prevent him sitting and pinching his fingers*

*[Son], being a moody toddler, swipes at [Wife]*


*falls off toilet*

~ fin ~

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