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Dadlopnik week continues

Things in a hat, day four.

Today, we pulled go karts from the Hat of Activities. My son has done Unser Racing before, but today, I decided to go to the outdoor track near me, IMI Motorsports. Believe it or not, it’s the first time I’ve done a cart on an asphalt track. What a riot!


When I was a youngster, about my son’s age, I got a go kart for my birthday. 5hp B&S Off Road kart that I burned gas in every day until I was too big to fit in in. The kill switch was a piece of twine tied to the spark plug wire to yank that sucker off the plug. I’d even go out in the rain so I could dirt track with some good oppo.

Anyway, I’m slow. Im sure anyone on Oppo would lap me in no time flat, haha. I invited my neighbor and his son along. We ran ten laps. I led the entire time, and went wide into a turn at the end of a long straightaway, and let me neighbor get by on the inside and the 9th lap. I stayed right on his back bumper after he passed. On the last lap, we were lapping his son in a tight right hander. He was able to pass without issue, but his son spun out in front of me, ending my chance at overtaking for the lead. I almost caught up in the late esses, but I went in a bit hot and skidded through the turn, killing my momentum.


It was a blast, and we all had a lot of fun. Being only about 10 minutes away, outdoors, and not requiring any kind of license, it’s a place I’m sure we’ll go to again. Thursday morning, no crowds, and we had the track to ourselves.

Makes me wished I would’ve taken the Miata out to the track at least once before I sold it...


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