My daughters love books. This is awesome, and I love reading to them as much as possible. There are a LOT of really great children’s books out their to read them, which is nice to mix things up.

However, among the things that Disney makes in a never ending effort to extract more money from the parents’ wallets give kids what they want, are books made of successful movies. Basically they distill an entire freaking movie down into 10 pages and less than 100 words. About the third or forth time in a row you’ve read through these, you want to find a nice sharp pencil with which to stab out your eyes. My 3-year old also has a Cars book, which is about 20 pages and 200 words. It sounds less awful, but it just prolongs the pain.

Frozen is a good movie. Cars is a great movie. Do yourself a favor, don’t buy these crap books for your kids. Your sanity will thank you.