Disclaimer: The car in the photo is not my dad’s car but it is Identical to what he has.

TL:DR Parents found a new condo, not big enough garage, dad might sell the Cosworth Vega he bought new in 1975. Offers it to me for free. Looking for advice from OppO’s


So my parent’s just had an offer accepted on a new condo. I am really excited for them because they can move out of the pohdunk town that i grew up in. Everything about the new place is great. It’s in a bigger city, it’s a nice location with tons of entertainment around for them. The only problem is the 1.5 car garage.

Currently their fleet of cars includes a Ford C-max and a Cosworth Vega. I’ll let you guess the daily driver.

Since they live in an area with heavy winters ideally they would like to have their daily driver stored in the garage so they don’t have to scrape snow off every day in the winter but my dad would not allow the Cosworth to sit out in the winter. Rather than leaving it outside to rot in winters he is considering selling it to a collector.

To side step a bit, my Dad and I have talked about selling this car in the past. The context was always so he could buy a newer, more reliable fun car. I was always supportive of this because it seems like it would make him happy. In this case however it does not appear that a second (newer) fun car would be part of this plan since there would be nowhere to store it.

So back to my point. This car has been in my family my entire life, and my older bros entire life and as long as my mom has known my father. There have been track days, and back country drives and oil changes (lots of oil changes), break downs and surprising start-ups. I learned how to drive manual on this thing. Our whole family is very sentimental about this vehicle, but we are always careful to not pressure my dad into keeping it because it takes a different level of commitment when something does go wrong with it. Parts are nearly impossible to find and one of the last remaining specialist for this vehicle is going on 80 years old.


So we were talking about the new condo and the fate of the Cosworth as they make this move and my dad says to me. “Well I can drive it out to Colorado and give it to you and you can store it.” This has sent my mind into a complete overdrive. There are so many things about this decision that I have to consider. Aside from the monthly cost of storage, insurance and registration (the latter two being rather cheap as its a classic and by no means a high value car), I have to consider the possibility of failure on the car. With this in mind I will tell you a bit about the Cossy itself:

So my dad purchased the Cosworth Vega new back in 1975. He has had this car since that day and is the one owner on the car. The paint and body are in great condition considering the age of the car and the fact that it is a Vega. There are no rust patches or holes on either the frame or body. There is some chipped paint that has given way to some rust specks but we have been controlling those pretty well. The interior is near flawless with no wear or rips in the seats. The Dash is crack free and all components in the dash work well. The engine had a complete rebuild and all of the government fuel restrictions were removed. The engine last dyno’d at about 170hp, just shy of the Concept’s quoted 180 hp. The only known problem at this point with the car (aside from any paint wear) is that the fuel gauge no longer works. The float broke and replacing this part requires removal of the tank and the tracking down of an exceedingly rare part, as is the case with almost anything that breaks on this car. The car is BONE stock, apart from upgrades to more modern materials for standard parts.


So at this point. I don’t know what to do. I think my dad would be fine selling it. I wish he was going to have something new and fun to use once its gone but that doesn’t appear to be the case. If I kept the car I could get it climate controlled storage a mile from my apartment. I would be able to get it on the road more often and throughout winter since there are so many nice days here in Colorado (and no road salt). But the unknown with this vehicle is weighing heavy on my mind. I am by no means mechanically inclined...i just like cars. Any repairs that this thing needs I would have to find a pro to take care of it, which might not be easy (in terms of sourcing parts). My parents do come to visit quite often so I could have it out and ready for my dad when he is around so he can run it around. Its definitely unique. I do think I could give it a shot caring for it, and if it all goes to shit, or i don’t feel the car is getting enough attention then we could revisit the sale of the car out here in CO. (Which i think might be a better market to sell than my parents home state.)

So OppO’s what do you think you would do in this situation. A truly rare classic falls in your lap, you have the financial means to care for it but there are lots things that could go wrong with it (although My dad has even said its probably more reliable now than the C-max.)


Sorry for the long winded stream of consciousness, as you can tell I have lots to think about.