I’ve always known what cars my parents owned before I was forming memories, but until tonight it never struck me to ask my parents what cars their parents had growing up.

Turns out my grandpa had some pretty sweet rides and thing for flat engines.

He had a cloth-top 56' Beetle, that, in my mind, is spec’d like this:

He also had a Kharmann Ghia, which was unfortunately hit and totalled. I wish this one was still:


And now he has, drives, and cherishes this beauty; the crème de la crème, the 73½’ 911 Targa:

That’s the actual car taken with a Blackberry in like 2008.

Ignoring the other vehicles he’s owned as I am now, his car lineage is really just a slowly melting Beetle, to the annoyance of Jeremy Clarkson.

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