I hope its dead at last.They have spent so much on this annoying slow little truck!

Dad bought it in the mid nineties in great secondhand condition.”this will be my good truck.We must take care of it” he declared.Yeah right- not the way he maintains things....


Needless to say things went well for awhile.It was a near new machine after all.But soon,inevitably, something would go be neglected and that would lead to other problems,and so on it goes.

I think the first to go was the head when mom didnt notice the temp gauge hitting the redline- which was contributed to by dad rarely checking the fluids.Sigh.
Anyways they went for the cheaper iron head option and it never had quite the same power again.And it’s not like it was powerful before! Now it was even worse -it could only hit 80Kmh (55) on flat roads.If anything was awry that would easily drop.Tire pressures low?You’re going slower.Headwind?Much slower!!Anything else you can image would slow it down.
The next problem i think were some wheel studs falling into the hub,wrecking the brakes.Ouch!Needless to say they never again ran without first checking the wheel nuts...
Other things went wrong.I cant even remember most.
A ‘friend’of theirs borrowed it and dented the front .Some bondo and cheap spray paint and it was declared fixed.But the body was still a bit bent so that meant windscreens kept cracking over the years.That got a bit expensive.Also now it was slow AND ugly.

The fuel tank got a large dent from when mom backed it over a boulder.That one was actually kinda funny.It was stuck so bad we had to jack it up and pull it sideways while still on the jack.
The roof was dented in and re straightened many times.I cant even remember why it was damaged.Probably from dad tying heavy things on the roof...
It always overheated at full speed on the highway (!).We had a theory the air was bypassing the radiator at higher speeds. Aerodynamic something something.That one was just weird.
The wiper motor is extremely weak but there’s no way i wanted to change it.That would mean taking the whole dash out!
Most of the the control knobs were missing from the dash due to constant removal to fix something or other.They were put in a box somewhere...
The cattle crate always made loud noises on bumps because the mounts had some free play.Everyone in the district knew who’s truck was coming.Nothing else made that certain sound :-)
So many other small parts were fixed or replaced.So many things i cant even remember!Brakes bled often.Clutch slave cylinder replaced many times.rear wheel slave cylinders.Wheel bearings ,axel seals etc.
And still it was super slow.
For some reason the rear (drum) brakes and axel seals were very tricky to get right -probably all started when the studs messed it all up in there.I can remember pulling the axles so many times -necessary to get inside the hubs.They’re perfect now and have stayed perfect for several years.Ya gotta have a win sometimes i guess :-)

So this morning they tried to use the truck to deliver a horse.They came back 20 min later with the engine running on 3 cylinders.Dad wants the injectors checked because undoing number two makes no difference.I’m doubtful -there’s smoke coming from the exhaust but i try the injectors anyway. I’m not so good at diagnosing by exhaust smoke color anyway.
I do a quick run with the injectors out of the head .They look good but i decide anyway to swap the number 1 and 2 injectors.It makes no difference- cyl 2 is still misfiring.The fuel is clean.Everything outside looks good.
I consider checking the valve clearances as diesel engines exhaust valves often get ‘tight’ and lose combustion pressure.
But i cant ignore the elephant in the room anymore.I pull the radiator cap.It has to be done.
The problem is obvious when i start the engine without the rad cap.Hard hot pulses of air come out.It’s definitely a failed head gasket or head.I tell dad it’s not worth it.

He says he’ll think about it