So somehow I was able to purchase my house without a property functioning and definitely not a properly inspected septic system. While I am waiting for the final report to be written up by the guy who just finished testing my system, I have been looking into who was responsible for this. The first guy who most likely could have been found liable for this was the guy who did the inspection hired by the foreclosure bank at the time I purchased the property. He was a 1-man office and he is dead. I did not kill him, it happened before I knew there was a problem. There was a good chance the realtor, who was a nightmare to deal with could have had part in it. He is also dead, natural causes. Next I’m going to look into who was involved from the town and health department. I have also been told my closing attorney should never have allowed this to pass and could be liable as well. I had no problem going after the inspector as it was him intentionally not doing what was supposed to be done, however I don’t know if i’d go after the attorney, who made a mistake. This could potentially set me back up to $20k or a used WRX. (more likely the addition I was hoping to put on the new house)