I don’t go on Bring a Trailer that much, namely because I want to buy things. There’s a well-maintained but high-mileage 540i/6speed m-sport right now that is just killing me. Not only do I not need another high-mileage German car in my household (we have two already), I really need a wagon with two kids and two dogs anyway.

But if we’re gonna be unrealistic, let’s skip over cars that run and drive and I can actually afford. I present to you, Yet Another Barn Find Porsche That Will Sell For More Than A Brand New Econobox With A Warranty Despite Massive Rust Holes And an Incomplete, Disassembled Engine:

WTF is wrong with me, that I really want this? In particular, I want to fix all the mechanicals and critical rust, then just drive it without addressing the body. Or is the Rat Rod thing overdone, at this point?

Or like, put a Honda engine in it just to annoy the Porsche purists.

Link to BaT

None of this matters, anyway.