I know some Oppos do it. What’s it like? What is your gear setup like? Do you have to dress nice for work, if so how do you deal with that?

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I sold my Audi S3 with the hopes of putting that money toward a 997 C2S. Now that the Audi is gone, I’ve got an E46M3, a Ford Ranger, and a Honda Grom. I just put a bunch of money into the M3, refreshing cosmetic parts, weather seals, and fixing the motor for the soft top. So of course on my way to work today I got a check engine light...Hopefully it’s nothing serious, but even if it is I will work it out.


That got me thinking though, can I risk having another and potentially more expensive older German car tugging at my heartstrings/wallet like that? When I had the E90M3 it didn’t work out. I resented every penny that car demanded from me. With the E46 it’s more like “*sigh*, ok babe whatever you need to be happy”. It’s easier to be that way with the E46 because there is a lot I’m comfortable doing on my own, and it’s not often that I have a real problem with it.

As much as I know that I will love a 997, I have to look at it from a worst case scenario. How will I feel if I’m driving around in the ranger and constantly fixing the M3 and/or the 911. The answer is obviously not good. I will feel like I have made a mistake. For those of you thinking, “sell the M3 and buy the 911.” That is out. That car pulled me off of the wrong path in my early 20's and I have attended to it’s every need along the way. The M3 and I owe it to each other to stay together.

Sooooooooo, I’m considering putting the 911 search on hold and buying my dream bike. A Husqvarna 701 Supermoto. Riding a motorcycle is like meditation for me, even my shrink mentioned that I ought to consider a motorcycle over another car as she knows that riding is a huge stress reliever for me.

If I do it. I’m going to ride it daily unless it’s snowing. My commute is 12 miles each way. I can choose highway or backroads, it’s about the same distance/travel time. Dress for work is business casual (Button down, no tie, slacks, and nice shoes. I can get away with polos in the warmer months).


So daily or frequent moto Oppos, what do ya think? 

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