I've been thinking recently about taking my Grand Prix off constant daily driver duty and getting something else to tackle most of the year. I want something modern-ish and reliable for a daily driver, but also fun and manual.

My budget would be under $8k. Closer to $5k is preferable.Here's my train of thought when it comes to considering cars I would choose for spring/summer/fall duty:

I should get a '99-'04 Mustang GT. I like the looks of those, and they always sound nice.


But wait, an LS1 Trans Am would have more power and be great. *looks it up on Autotempest* Crap, they're twice as expensive as the Mustangs.


I could go with a third-gen and get a Trans Am GTA like my dad's old one. That would be pretty great. But I want a manual, and those are only good in automatic.


I should just get a Fiero GT. But I want a V8! (repeat cycle)