Welcome to Daily Drive, Track, Or Burn! 3 choices, 3 cars, you know what to do.

For Turbo Tuesday I gave you three biturbo supercars and your feelings were pretty clear. The BRABUS's 700hp rear wheel drive makes for a decent road car, but you guys didnt want its shenanigans on the track, instead choosing the 1200 hp "Italian Veyron" Aventador to play with. And obviously the poor Ferrari couldn't escape fate and was burned, but we all knew that anyways.

Today, with the 52nd Infantry in town for a training exercise, I decided to provide you with three light armored vehicles to choose from.

1. The GAZ-2975 Tigr

Predominantly used by the Russian army, this diesel powered, manual transmission beast only costs about $65,000. Lets see your similarly priced M3 protect you against NBC threats while fording rivers.


2. The Oshkosh Corporation M-ATV

This American built LAV was originally built to replace the aging HMMVW and comes standard with a turbodiesel inline 6. It is an automatic, but it's mine resistant hull should be a decent consolation prize. And it has suicide doors and suicide doors are cool. Too bad it costs half a million dollars.


3. The Force Protection Ocelot or "Foxhound"

Built to replace the old Snatch Land Rovers, this British built LAV has a 6 cylinder diesel and an auto box. 0-50 in 20 seconds doesn't sound very good, but supposedly it can still drive after a wheel has been blown off, if that's something you worry about. It's also modular if you need jeep one day and an ambulance the next. Slightly less cool is its price tag of 1.4 million dollars.



Not really much to say down here, but I've got a job interview today, so wish me luck.