Welcome to Daily Drive, Track, Or Burn! 3 choices, 3 cars, you know what to do.

On Friday you were given the choice of three cars likely to be driven by your grandmother and the results were pretty clear cut. The Lincoln went to the track because V8, the Buick got burnt because its ugly and it sucks, and the Avalon won DD simply because it wasn't the other two.

Today I present to you three cars that you can never have, unless you're a billionaire prince or some other thing like that, in which case you should get in contact with me. I want to be your friend. Anyways, here's three cars that are truly unique. Fair warning, none of these are going to win any beauty pageants.

1. The 1998 Lamborghini Pregunta

I don't know what "pregunta" means in Italian, but this car does kind of look like it could use some maternity wear. But it does have a 530bhp V-12 and rear wheel drive, so it can't be too bad.


(Edit: Pregunta means "questioning" in Spanish. I'm questioning whether or not the designers were sober when they made this.)

2. 1989 Porsche Panamericana

I thought this one was a Miata dune buggy for a second, and then I found out I was pretty much right. Actually intended for off light offroad use this Porsche had carbon fiber and wide wheel wells to accepts many different tires. Too bad the engine is in the wrong place.


3. The EL Motors Sport Coupe AVD

Most of the info on this thing is in Russian, but I managed to make out that it has two mid-mounted Yamaha engines that put out about 300 hp, and it looks like a Mini, and R8 and a WRX had a menage-a-trois. I kinda like it.



I definitely lied when I said I would post this at noon every day. Its the week before finals and I just don't care at the moment. I'll do my best to make it consistent, but no complaining if I don't. And, as always, suggestions are welcome.