Daily Driving a Gen 2 Prius; My Brief Review

VERDICT: The car is as dull to drive as it is to look at. Visibility out the rear window is laughable to nonexistant. Still: smooth, good braking, tight steering, (almost) enough power to get out of its own way. Comfortable front seats. Engine sounds like a pencil sharpener. I’m driving this one because my nephew left it with me for a month while he eats Grape Nuts in the Wilderness somewhere.

And I will happily return it to him when he’s back.

This is my report.

READER BONUS: AN ASIDE: There’s not going to be any such thing as a free ride for Planet Earth when we consume an automobile. I remain unconvinced that driving one of these (stupid, IMHO) hybrids is a measurably better deal for Mother Earth. What is lithium mining doing to Chile, for example? And all of the e-waste in newer cars, and the high unlikelihood that cars of today will last as long as cars of yesteryear, requiring us to consume more automobiles.


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