DailyTurismo Birthday Wrapup: The Best Cars For Sale From 1917-1936

DailyTurismo is celebrating our 4th birthday as the best place to find used cars for sale on the web, and our 2016 Birthday Bashis in full swing. If you missed the original post, we are doing 100 years of cars in one mind numbingly stupendous week! On Monday we covered 1917 through 1936, and be sure to come back EACH today for another 20 years of the best stuff for sale on the internet.


1917 Hupmobile Model N Touring
1918 Buick Model E-Four-35

1919 Dodge Brothers Model 30 Pickup

1920 Chevrolet C-Cab Ice Truck
1921 International Harvester Pickup
1922 Willys Knight Model 20 A Touring Convertible
1923 Ford Model T, Pinto Power

1924 Ford Model T Roadster
1925 Dodge Brothers Coupe
1926 Star Coupester
1927 Essex Super Six
1928 Ford Model A Popcorn Wagon
1929 Ford Model A Tudor


1930 Ford Model A Doodlebug
1931 Ford Model A Custom
1932 Packard Standard Eight
1933 Ford Victoria Coupe, err...Roadster
1934 Fiat 508 Balilla
1935 Studebaker Dictator
1936 DeSoto Airflow

Come back tomorrow when we start to hit cars from the War era....you won’t want to miss a minute!

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