It is raining outside of Tenaya Lodge, right outside the gates of Yosemite. It is just above freezing, and Toby appears to be in no rush to go for a walk.

Illustration for article titled Dairy day
Illustration for article titled Dairy day

Ii am speaking today at the Western United Dairymen Annual Convention. I have been doing this event for over 15 years. These are wonderful people - family farms.

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California is hostile to them on all fronts, and the industry is really struggling. We have such a hostile climate to business here that it has become difficult or impossible for them to survive. Consolidation seems to be the trend. Older dairy facilities are knocked down to plant orchards for almonds and pistachios. (You should invest in pistachios, I am planning to). Newer facilities are bought up by the larger dairies, and we are seeing bigger ones for economies of scale.

I drove the GTI up here last night in a horrific thunderstorm. It handled like a champ. I remain extremely pleased with this car. And if you buy one, I urge you to purchase the manual. It is at least half of my enjoyment of the car.

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