It was a great day for C&C, in Texas the high was only 88 in August, unbelievable. Unfortunately I didn't set my camera to the raw format, so I didn't have a lot of control when manipulating them. But I still think they turned out good anyway, so enjoy.

The 458S might be one of my favorite Ferrari's. It looks and sounds awesome. You could feel the vibrations while it was at idle! Love it.

Didn't expect to see the XKRS-GT, looked very cool in person. I saw it leave to, the guy downshifted it crackled, easily one of the best sounding V8's around.

Heritage edition GT, first time I've seen it in these colors. Still my favorite car!


This Mach had an 03 Cobra engine, looked amazing.


New M4

If anyone watches Fast and Loud you might notice someone in this picture. This is also probably the cleanest GT350 ever.


And my favorite Jaguar!


And here's the rest of the album:

EDIT: The picture quality is really bad after posting them here, anyway to fix that?