Dallas Cars and Coffee: February 2015

Usually I'll start off by saying how great the last Cars and Coffee is, but I think today I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

A LaFerrari and a 918 showed up! I knew the LaFerrari was coming but the 918 literately snuck up behind me, and because of that I got some great pictures. The LaFerrari on the other hand, was impossible as you can see above. I only got to see the back, but I saw one! I had left to look at some Mustangs again and a LaFerrari had showed up. I couldn't see it over the wall of people at first. So for all I knew they were crowding around the placeholder diecast car!

But ya, it was an awesome show. There were so many cool cars there. A few Hellcats had shown up, but they managed to park in such a spot where the sun was to much for my camera. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!